When Should You Have Your Home Rekeyed?

When you move into a new home, whether it's your dream house or a temporary apartment, you immediately take steps to claim the space as your own. You begin unpacking, hanging artwork and arranging your furniture, but you may forget one important step to truly make your home your own: changing the locks.

This hypothetical situation is just one of the circumstances when you should work with a professional locksmith to rekey the locks in your home. Below, we discuss other situations where rekeying protects your safety, security and peace of mind.

After You Lose Your Keys

Sometimes, losing your keys consists of frantically looking around your home before finding the fob wedged between couch cushions. Sometimes, however, keys disappear permanently.

After a few days with no sign of your keys, have your locks rekeyed. A would be intruder could be able to get a copy of your house key with just a picture of the original key so it's better to be safe than sorry.

If You Buy a Previously Lived-In Home

When you move into a home that has had previous owners, you may find plenty that you want to change or need to upgrade. Start with your locks.

Not all home owners remember to return all their keys when they move out so any of the previous owners could potentially still access your home. Additionally, if your home was ever used as a rental property, the landlord could still have a set of keys.

When You Rent a Home

When renting a home, you're in situation similar to living in a previously owned home. Except, when you rent, you know that many people, including your landlord, onsite maintenance staff, real estate professionals who showed the property and any previous tenants could have keys.

While your landlord and maintenance provider may still need access to your rental, you don't want any unauthorised people entering your home. Check with your property manager to see if you can rekey the locks or have maintenance rekey them for you.

When Your Family Dynamics Change

Family dynamics can change in many ways. If you become divorced or have to let go of a live-in child care provider, rekey your locks.

This step gives you peace of mind that only the current members of your household have access to it.

Not sure if you should rekey or replace your locks completely? A locksmith can help you decide if your current locks are in good enough condition to keep or if you should upgrade to enhance your property's security.