French Door Lever Handle Installation Guide

French door lever installation is a process that lends a certain element of authenticity based on the style effect of your door. Installing this type of door handle will provide years of function and beauty to your doors. Lever handles are designed in various finishes and styles from simple dummy knobs. The dummy knobs in this case may not have any latching mechanism. The major purpose of the door will have an influence on the type of lever handle to be installed which should be an issue of concern when purchasing one. Additionally, the doors will likely have a finished opening for the appropriate type of lever that is needed. This is also an issue of consideration when getting a new lever from your shop before the installation process. The installation process is almost the same regardless of the function and style of the door. Go through this guide to help you install french door lever handles.

What You Will Need

Equip yourself with lever handles from your local hardware store, a hammer, a screwdriver and nails.

Unpack the French Handle

Unpack the french handle lever you have purchased and read all the directions provided in the package. Confirm that all the fasteners needed are present and identify all components of the handle.

Removing the Existing Handles

You have to remove old handles if they are present. Use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the bolts that hold each side of the knob to the door. Once bolts are disengaged, be ready to hold the other side of the knob, since it may fall to the ground and get damaged. Remove both sides of the knob gently, as they could be used elsewhere if still in good condition.

Dry Fit the New Handle

You will have to dry fit the new handle on the opening to test for compatibility and ensure it fits well. Widen the openings if needed.

Install the New French Handle

Start by inserting any latching mechanism in the provided space on the inner edge of the door. Proceed by inserting one side of the french handle lever in the opening of the door. Ensure that the stem controlling the latch is well inserted in the opening of the latch. The other side of the handle should also be fitted and oriented in the right direction. When doing this, ensure that the openings for all the bolts match up well with the handle on the other side of the door. Finally, secure the whole ensemble with the two bolts that come with the french lever handle.