Access Control: Three Situations When a Wireless System Is Advisable

Business owners who would like to install access control systems on their premises can select between a wired system and a wireless system. Each option has circumstances that may make it a better option than the other. This article discusses some circumstances that make a wireless access control system a better option for your business premises.

Existence of Mobile Installations 

You should consider installing a wireless access control system in case you have mobile facilities, such as elevators, that you would like to include within that access control system. Wireless systems are ideal for such situations because they bypass the challenges that a wired system would face from the electrical noise that is generated by the system running the elevators. The wireless system is less susceptible to the electrical interference inside the elevator shaft since the sensors of the system can be placed outside the elevator cars.

Retrofit Situations

Wireless systems are also ideal for retrofit situations. This is because they help building owners to avoid the costs and inconveniences associated with cutting or drilling through walls and floors in order to lay system cables for wired access control systems. The advantages of wireless systems take on greater importance when the building in question is a historical building whose architectural integrity should be preserved at all costs. Wireless access control systems can easily be fitted in such buildings without tampering with their structures (walls and floors).

Congested Environments

Some buildings are located in very busy and congested environments, such as in the middle of urban centers. Such places pose very many challenges in case one wants to implement a wired access control system. For instance, it may be hard to divert traffic for several days in order to dig the trenches necessary to connect the gates of the commercial building to the access control system that is used within the building. A wireless access control system can be easily installed without going through the trouble of getting permits and digging trenches for the system's hardware.

It is important for you to select the right wireless system for your business facilities so that you can get to enjoy the numerous benefits that such a system has to offer. For instance, wireless systems usually have a single database that makes it very easy to implement any system upgrades that one wishes to install. It is helpful to talk to several access control experts so that their suggestions help you to make the best possible decisions as you select and install your preferred system.