Locking Systems You Can Install On Your Self Storage Unit

When leasing out storage space for the long term, it is not only crucial to ensure that you keep your items protected from the elements; it is also essential to put measures in place that will prevent your belongings from being stolen or vandalised. Thus, some people may look to reinforce their storage units with additional locking systems. However, with the assortment of locks available on the market, it can prove daunting to narrow down your options. The key is, pun intended, to discern what degree of security you would need and to then invest in locking system that can provide this for you. The following article outlines some of the locking systems that you could choose to have installed on your self-storage unit.

Deadbolt locking systems

Inarguably, deadbolts are one of the ubiquitous locking systems used for both commercial and residential applications. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that they are also a popular alternative for people looking to fortify their self-storage units. Deadbolts are usually utilised in tandem with other locking mechanisms such as knobs. They comprise a rotating cylinder that functions to drive a rod of solid metal directly into the frame of your self-storage unit's door. Deadbolts are particularly advantageous against threats that would make use of brute force to try to access your self-storage unit, as these locking systems are challenging to break through. Some of the deadbolts that you could choose from include jimmy-proof locks and double deadbolts.

Keyless locking systems

If you would prefer a technologically advanced locking system to match the current digital age, you may want to gravitate toward keyless locking systems. The most common variety of these locks are those that have an entry pad that will require you to input a code to gain access into your self-storage unit. However, other, more secure options make use of biometrics such as fingerprint scanning to reduce the risk of unauthorised entry. Nonetheless, those that make use of biometric technology would be more expensive than their mainstream entry pad counterparts would.

Electronic card reading systems

If multiple people would need access to your self storage unit, but you would prefer a keyless mechanism, then you may opt for an electronic card reader. These locking systems can utilise three primary methods of reading the cards, which are through RFID, a bar code or a magnetic strip. The most prominent benefit of electronic card readers is you can have a log to monitor the people who have accessed your self-storage unit at all times.