3 Reasons to Call a 24-Hour Emergency Locksmith After a Home Invasion

If you ever experience the turmoil of a home invasion, you will likely have several things on your mind. These things will range from the emotions you are feeling to dealing with police reports. One of the last things you may consider is contacting a 24-hour emergency locksmith. Once the police have finished their investigations, you may want to consider the reasons to call an emergency locksmith instead of waiting or handling the locks on your own.

Immediate Security Upgrades

Though some security features will need time to put in place, there are some emergency upgrades that can be put in place during the emergency locksmith call. For example, you can have an upgraded keyless entry lock system put into place. This will give you a keypad entry option to avoid having a lock picked in the future. You can also go with having a security peephole installed when the locks are changed. Other features may be available including security features placed on all the doors in the home, garage doors, and even gates if your home is gated.

Smartlock Services

If you had a smart lock in place, the locksmith may be able to help you put a trace on your keys if they are missing. In some cases, the home invasion may include burglary where the keys are also taken. This is especially true in situations when your car keys may have been stolen and the car is missing. The locksmith can put trackers out that can help the police locate the home invaders, regain your items, and put your mind at ease. The locksmith can also reset the smart lock, re-keying it and giving you new keys during that service call.

Deadbolt Repairs

During home invasions, the invaders tend to do whatever it takes to break the lock on the door they are using to enter. This can severely damage deadbolt locking systems to the point that rekeying may not be enough. Your emergency locksmith can detect the issues and make the repairs. They can also check for other tampering and damage to deadbolts throughout the home, including basement doors and backdoor entrances. These can be repaired and rekeyed as needed. They can also be attached to smart lock systems for added future security.

These are only three of the reasons to call a 24 hour emergency locksmith after you experience a home invasion. Though you can never fully prepare for something like this type if issue, consider your area emergency locksmiths and keep their names and numbers in an easy accessible location. This will help if you experience this traumatic issue or if you have another issue requiring emergency locksmith services.