4 Highly Affordable Keyless Entry Features you can Install for Your Business

You probably know how beneficial keyless entry can be over other types of locks. You can use keyless entry systems to control access to various parts of your business, while also keeping track of movement in and out of various rooms. Many companies still using traditional locks think that switching to keyless entry would be too expensive. However, there are keyless entry systems that cost less than $100 per lock to purchase and install. If you start small and slowly expand over time, you can switch from traditional locks to a full keyless entry system in a short amount of time.

To get you started on the right foot, here are four features you should look for in an affordable keyless entry system for your business.

1. Electronic door levers with keypads

Perhaps the most basic type of electronic locks starts with an automatic door lever. A keypad is used to disable the deadbolt after which you can turn the lever to open the door. An electric lever automatically re-locks after a certain period of inactivity. This means that you don't have to worry about forgetting to lock the door behind you. Electronic door levers are an excellent option for high traffic areas within your business. You can also re-program the access codes on a regular basis to enhance security. Not only us this system convenient and secure, but it's also affordable and easy to maintain.

2. Electronic locks with automated alarms

In addition to the automatic lever, you can also add an alarm at a competitive cost. The automatic alarm can be set to trigger if it detects tampering on the locks, or if someone attempts to input a code several times without success. You can also set the alarm to go off if the door remains open for a specific period of time. This option works well for areas of your business that need a higher level of security (such as a data centre or control room). Adding an automated alarm is not much more expensive than the basic electronic locking option.

3. Touchscreen locks with fingerprint technology

While most electronic locks consist of a manual keypad, you can add a touchscreen keypad with fingerprint reading capabilities. This fully touchscreen interface is advanced, highly customisable and yet easy to use. The biometric fingerprint feature is also a more secure option than using codes. 

4. Smart locks with mobile app integration

Smart electronic locks are also cost-effective if you look for the right features. Start off with a basic electronic locking system that can integrate with a mobile application. You can install this on one or two doors in your business as you slowly expand over time.

To learn more, contact your local locksmith