Critical Apartment Locks That Require Regular Locksmith Inspection

Apartment complex managers have the difficult task of ensuring the building and its tenants are safe. The reason is that apartment complexes are exposed to a myriad of risks, from fires to burglaries, and everything in between. Your work as an apartment manager is made even harder because you do not have control over most of the tenants' actions.  For these reasons, having a locksmith on call is the first step towards ensuring the complex is safe for both tenants and their visitors. This article looks at the critical locks you should have a locksmith change regularly to guarantee the safety of your tenants. 

Pool Gate

If the apartment complex you manage has a swimming pool, then the chances are that it has a gate in place. This is meant to keep unwanted persons from the pool area; therefore, the area must be under lock and key when not in use. That said, pool gate locks go through a lot of rough handling, primarily if every tenant uses the pool. Therefore, the locks wear quickly and can malfunction, and this can be dangerous if there are children in the apartment. Therefore, it is essential to have your locksmith check the apartment's pool gate lock regularly. This will ensure the lock is in good working condition, thereby keeping residents safe. 

Front Door Lock

This is the entryway to an apartment complex, and some locks can be either digital or manual. Whichever is the case, all residents will have the key or combination for accessibility purposes. However, considering the number of people going in and out of the apartment, it is easy to understand why apartment front door locks are designed to last long. Still, constant banging and the use of wrong keys can quicken the wear of apartment building locks. Burglars can then use this opportunity to access the apartment and commit a crime with ease. Therefore, asking a locksmith to make regular visits to your apartment and examine the front door lock system will go long ways in assuring residents are safe. 

Storage Rooms

Any apartment complex must retain a couple of staff members to keep the building clean and in a habitable condition. Each staff  member has a key to the storage room as well as other areas. However, staff members can be relieved of their duties at any time and a new one hired. If you do not get the keys from the former staff members, then there is a likelihood they might go back and gain unauthorised access to the apartment. That is why you need a locksmith to rekey the storage room locks every time a staff member is fired and you do not get an opportunity to get the keys back.