What to do if you're locked out of your house

Losing your keys or leaving them inside your house can lead to frustration and delay, but it doesn't have to be an insurmountable problem. With a few simple preparations, you can turn an awkward situation into no more than a minor inconvenience. 

Use a spare key

A spare key is the simplest way to get back into your house if you're locked out. To be effective without threatening your home's safety, however, a spare key has to be used correctly. Many homeowners hide spare keys under mats, in flowerpots or in other obvious hiding places. Avoid these well-known locations. Instead, get your locksmith to make a set of copies of your key and keep them in places you know they'll be safe. Give copies to trusted friends and neighbours, for instance, or keep a spare key in your desk at work. As long as only you and people you trust have access to your spare keys, they remain the simplest way to gain entrance. 

Call your locksmith

If you're locked out and can't get to one of your spare keys, it's time to call your local locksmith. Make sure that you have the number of a locksmith who can provide you with mobile services; they can let you back into your home quickly and easily and may even be able to cut you a new duplicate key on the spot. If you've lost your keys, you may need to consider having your locks re-keyed; your locksmith can help you with this process.

Think about new strategies

While you're waiting for your key or locksmith to arrive, you'll have some time to think about changes you could make to your daily routine so that you don't lock yourself out. If you left your key in the house, consider changing your daily routine to make your keys harder to miss. For instance, keeping your key on a peg or in a dish near your door can help you remember it as you leave. However, make sure that your new key location will be easily visible from inside the house and not outside it. If you've lost your keys while outside the house, you may want to consider changes to your key habits, such as buying a more secure keychain. 

Getting locked out is one of those annoyances that happen to everyone now and again. With a little advance planning and the help of your locksmith, you can turn it from a significant nuisance into a problem that's quickly and affordably solved. 

To learn more, contact a locksmith.