Lesser-Known Services of Automotive Locksmiths

Automotive locksmiths are handy tradespeople who help in emergencies related to vehicular security systems. Their services are critical when you are locked out of your car. However, it is not the only service automotive locksmiths provide. This article highlights the lesser-known services of automotive locksmiths.

Ignition Key Extraction

One of the most annoying and frustrating experiences a motorist can endure is breaking their key in the ignition system. Although some modern cars have push-to-start ignitions, most owners still drive vehicles with keyed ignitions. For some reason, your key might not turn in the ignition, and you may be tempted to use more force, increasing the chances of the key breaking in the ignition. Although most drivers take it upon themselves to extract the broken piece, leaving it to an experienced and licenced automotive locksmith is advisable. For example, they have the tools and expertise to remove the key safely and fast. They will also inspect the ignition to determine whether the broken piece caused any damage to the mechanism.

Emergency Trunk Opening

When getting items from your car's trunk and accidentally lock your keys inside, do not call your mechanic because they can do little. For instance, a mechanic will try to access the trunk through the backseats, which means bypassing the locked doors. Once they get through the doors, the next tedious step is to take out the partition separating the trunk from the cabin. Thus, many things can go wrong during the whole process, forcing significant and expensive repairs. An automotive locksmith is well versed with such issues and can help you retrieve essential items from a locked trunk. Emergency trunk opening services are particularly essential for tradespersons who use their trunks as a storage unit for tools and supplies.

Upgrade Your Lock System

Just because you own a relatively old vehicle model does not mean that you are stuck with its security system. The reason is that the lock system becomes outdated and archaic to the extent that it is an easy target for burglars. It is the reason most motorists with old car models make a majority of complainants of auto burglaries. Therefore, it is best to contact an automotive locksmith to upgrade your car's locks. Even if you have a new model, an experienced auto locksmith can help you beef up the security system. For instance, a locksmith can add a cut-off system in your car to prevent car thieves from driving off even if they have the keys in the ignition.